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June 1, 2015: Canon SX510 'Miniature Mode' samples

Canon SX510 'Miniature Mode' samples
Canon SX510 'Miniature Mode' samples

The images below were captured with my old Canon SX510 set to Miniature Mode. This was a pretty good bridge camera and have given me good images and videos. However, I felt that I'm already outgrowing this camera and it's limiting my ability to have full control. Which is why I later invested on the Nikon D5200.

For complete information about the Canon SX510:

Heroine Make launched its Jewelry Eyeshadow Collection April 2015.
I took this from the second floor.

End of graveyard shift. Halo halo for breakfast.

Canon SX510 'Miniature Mode' samples

This condo was being built in front of Rob Forum.

Canon SX510 'Miniature Mode' samples

Another beautiful moment captured with the miniature mode.

Canon SX510 'Miniature Mode' samples

Sample Miniature Mode video


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