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June 29, 2012: Siomai Suicide

Resignation and Siomai Suicide
Resignation and siomai suicide...

February 19, 2016

How time flies! This image is 4 years old already but I thought that it's worth posting here.

I miss the old folks from CVG. It was my last day before resignation and thought it would be nice to bid farewell with something memorable.

Since many of us love Chinese Dumsum, my drama of that day revolved around it. Oh my, it wouldn't hurt to binge eat once in a while, right? I ordered one kilogram of siomai and ate half of it for lunch.

You won't believe that my toothpick slim body could take that much. It was fun and wish to do it again someday.

Want some? =)

Resignation and Siomai Suicide


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