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May 15, 2016: 1000+ Subscribers On Our YouTube Channel... Salamuch!

May 15, 2016: 1000+ Subscribers On Our YouTube Channel... Salamuch!
May 15, 2016: 1000+ Subscribers On Our YouTube Channel... Salamuch! 

May 16, 2016

Hello to all!

I just want to take this brief moment to thank everyone who have subscribed to our YT channel ( and given us support throughout the years. We now have 1000+ Subscribers and they are all organic.

This isn't much, I know -- but I'm always grateful for the smallest things.

Just a little background of my YT channel... I began uploading and championing my opera idols back in 2007. We've gained quite a large following, but in 2014, I decided to let go of it all and move everything over to our new channel (this one) thus starting over from scratch.

From championing my music idols, our YT content has expanded to featuring my advocacy for pet rats, product reviews, the very few blogger events I've attended, features, food, gadgets, and my new venture this 2016... photography-related stuff.

It's not easy being a very private person and having to expose myself online. But this is because I have alot of stuff to fight for, so the sacrifice is worth it. I'm not as outgoing in real life as people think, but these social media platforms really help me to voice out the advocacy that I fight for.

This is all for today. If you're new to my channel, please feel free to look around and share. Salamuch again!



Flashback... Let's have a flashback for 10 of our past videos.
I picked a few that I'd love for you to see, and here they are!


Your generous donations help me to review more products
and re-sell them at budget prices.
That way, more people will become happy!



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