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August 12, 2016: Meike Releases Affordable New Lenses For Mirrorless Cameras

August 12, 2016: Meike Releases Affordable New Lenses For Mirrorless Cameras
Meike Releases Affordable New Lenses For Mirrorless Cameras. Now in Lazada!

August 12, 2016.

Okay, so this was news back in May. These Meike lenses only started to show up in Lazada 2 weeks ago and their price point made me curious about them.

Nice and promising they are, but I'm optimistic they would come up with AFFORDABLE versions for digital SLR's as well.

With more and more lens makers nowadays going high end and competing in the latest technology for specs, it's nice to know that we lower end consumers are not forgotten.

'Democracy' is being restored to consumers with more and more third party lens makers introducing affordable alternatives to the market.

None of the VRs, no autofocus, no nano coating hype, no electronic chips. These are mostly manual lenses, but isn't that what we call 'pure photography'?

Of course, people should stop bitching about how these lenses are not like the high end ones. DUH?!

I'm not gonna buy one yet just because they are for mirrorless cameras, but let's show some support for these companies who didn't forget about us and make some noise for them!


I don't earn any commission or benefit from doing referrals, but I'm doing this for the community. Also check out these lenses in Lazada:



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