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July 9, 2016: My New Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro HSM is Here!!!

Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro HSM
Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro HSM

July 9, 2016.

The Nikkor 18-55 mm was a great kit lens. But I always felt it was too dark at any range, and even at f/3.5. My problem with using this lens was that I often had to resort to editing the Levels to lighten the shadows.

When I sold it in February 2016, I kinda missed the 18mm wide angle (FX = 24mm). Most of the zooms I had since then started at 35mm, which on a DX (Nikon jargon for crop sensor/APS-C) is effectively 53mm.

A good deal came up for this Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro... After the meetup today, I started taking some shots to get acquainted with my new lens.

The sharpness and contrast is too much that at f/2.8, the brightness is like f/5.6 on my vintage lenses. But for the price it was sold, I couldn't complain... if it sells for the same price with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6, then I'd stick with this constant aperture kit lens anyway.

This kit is no dedicated macro lens, and you get excruciatingly distorted/bloated images from distances of 0.5 meters or closer. But it still gives you close focusing at 1:3 nevertheless that you won't get from other kit lenses.

The focal range of 18-50mm is wanting. 18mm is not wide enough, and 50mm is not enough reach. Especially if doing macros, I'd like a longer focal range that allows longer working distance, eliminating the bloated distortion. But hey, this is still better than nothing! =)

Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro

Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro

Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro

Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro
This is at low light.

Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro

Photo album for this lens:

Sigma DC 18-50mm f/2.8 Macro HSM

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Technical Info

Nikon D5200

Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 Macro

Nikkor 55 mm f/3.5 Micro (Product Shots)

All images are unedited, no filter.

Exposure Mode - Manual

Size - Basic/Small

White Balance - Preset

Picture Profile - SD (Standard)

HDR/ADL/Flash/Noise Reduction - Off

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