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March 2, 2017: Happy 1st Anniversary to Quiapo Vintage Camera Shop

March 2, 2017: Happy 1st Anniversary to Quiapo Vintage Camera Shop
March 2, 2017: Happy 1st Anniversary to Quiapo Vintage Camera Shop

March 2, 2017

I loved vintage lenses long before buying my first ever DSLR Nikon D5200 on August 2015. Astig lang kasi yung itsura nila -- made of metal, elegant designs, built to last for decades. I'm particularly interested in those that you don't see alot, rarities, and peculiarities. Many of these vintage lenses that are at least my age (30+ years) even come in mint condition!

One of the main goals of this blog is to be able to create a library of vintage lenses that I can get my hands on. This soul searching venture gave birth to my online shop, Quiapo Vintage Camera Shop, one way for making my hobby sustainable. The philosophy behind our shop is that you gotta catch 'em all and share the joy of owning vintage lenses.

The shop also acts as an educational venue, so I can promote awareness to the new generation about lenses that existed decades ago.

I almost forgot about the anniversary, but there's nothing to celebrate really. No giveaways, no hype, no cake, nothing. This is just to remember our foundation day. The first year was full of learning experiences, and I have gained alot of knowledge about old lenses.

Many of the lenses were also lens hacks. I like to convert them to Nikon mount if I can, because flange distance is a pain in the ass when you're adapting other mounts to Nikon DSLRs.

Since mid-2016, I have decided to dedicate full time on my shop. One of my dreams since childhood was to have my own shop, no matter how small or 'walang kuwenta' people think it is. Because I strongly believe that we should all live for our art. I hope to share this simple experience to empower and inspire people to go their own way too.

Thank you to everyone who inquired about stuff and also to my buyers for appreciating the vintage lenses. Feel free to PM me if you're looking for any specific lenses and I will look for one that fits your need. I hope to bring you more vintage lenses this year!

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