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REVIEW: Andoer Variable ND Filter

Andoer Variable ND Filter
Andoer Variable ND Filter

The Andoer Variable ND Filter is a neutral density filter that can be adjusted to have a strength of ND2 (1 stop darker) up to ND400 (8.5 stops darker). It is a screw-type filter that is attached to the front of the lens.

Andoer Variable ND Filter

Andoer Variable ND Filter

Andoer Variable ND Filter

Neutral density filters are useful for allowing the lens to be set to a wide aperture when shooting in sunny outdoor and still maintain a slow shutter speed, or to do long exposure during the day.

Variable ND filters are great because they allow the user to change the strength simply by rotating the filter instead of unscrewing one fixed ND filter and swapping for another. The only disadvantage of variable ND filters is that they are not recommended for wide angle lenses, especially ultra wide angle lenses.

Andoer Variable ND Filter
ND2 (1 stop darker)

Andoer Variable ND Filter
ND400 (8.5 stops darker)

With the Andoer Variable ND Filter, the dreaded cross-x effect that natively plagues vari-ND filters only shows at the strongest strength of ND400. Used on my 28mm prime (on my crop sensor camera), the x effect is not disturbing at all, and since I usually just use it halfway toward the strongest.

Andoer Variable ND Filter

The material used for this filter is high quality optical resin (not glass). When I tap at the surface, it gives a blunt heavy sound which gives me a good assurance of quality and build. (Usually cheap resin material sound very light.) The surface has a strong reflection, so obviously it does not have anti-reflective multicoating. The reflective surface only has an effect when I shoot directly at the sun... but do I always do that? No.

Andoer Variable ND Filter

I don't do pixel-peeping, but based on my practical real-life use of this filter, I haven't noticed that the image quality has degraded at all. It DOES have a yellowish cast at the weaker strength, which looks fine when shooting outdoor because it balances the bluish cast of the uv rays.

Overall, I'm happy with this product. In the future, I might probably buy another one in 52mm and 62mm sizes.

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