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July 21, 2017: Shootout for the Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 (Day 2)

Shootout for the Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 (Mirror Lens by Komine)
Shootout for the Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 (Mirror Lens by Komine)

July 21, 2017

Today, I'm doing another shoot for the Soligor C/D 300/5.6 mirror lens. It was cloudy the other day (Day 1) and the footage I got were dim, gloomy and hazy. Today is a sunny day and the colors were much better. I brought 3 other lenses today, but didn't use them as I was self-absorbed with the Soligor.

Raw from the camera...

Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 Mirror Lens by Komine.
(On DX = 450mm)

Nikon D5200
Picture Profile - Standard
White Balance - Cloudy


(A Poem)

Mirror lenses
are compact and light,
it's easy to
do handheld shooting
so I prefer to
bring them out any day.
Aperture is fixed,
but I can live with that.

I forgot to 
mention in the video 
that mirror lenses 
have the advantage of
producing clean images 
that are free from 
any color fringing.

'Donut Bokeh' 
are beautifully
rounded bubbles
and is a phenomenon
exclusive to mirror lenses.


Raw footage from yesterday.
Scene 3, Take 7

Raw footage from today's shoot
Scene 2, Take 5

# # # E N D # # #


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