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August 7, 2017: Asahi Pentax SV (1962), Product Shots and Video

Asahi Pentax SV (1964), Product Shots and Video
Asahi Pentax SV (1964), Product Shots and Video

07 August 2017

Product shots of the my new Asahi Pentax SV with my reliable Nikon D5200 + Micro-Nikkor-P 55/3.5 tandem. The camera arrived yesterday. It was in 'okay' condition but needs cleaning. The shutter doesn't have any problem, all speeds were checked, but the mirror get stuck from 1/15" to 1".

The Asahi Pentax SV was introduced in 1962 and supports auto diaphragm M42 mount. This is a fully mechanical camera and no built-in light meter. It can run without batteries, and chrome body cameras are just so retro-sexy! I like the simplicity of this camera, there are no useless features. It will make you focus on the basics, which is exposure and composition. This is the type of camera that I wish the companies would make today -- the essence of PURE PHOTOGRAPHY.

The exterior of the camera was cleaned from all the dust and molds, so now it looks shiny and new. I've also fixed a dent that keeps the film counter from rotating. All the shutter speed are working, but the mirror gets stuck from 1/15" to 1". I suspected something gummed up inside, and a heat treatment might work. Placing the camera beside my laptop ventilation for an hour, it heated up enough to feel like a hot mug of coffee . Guess what? It worked! Now the mirror doesn't get stuck up anymore.

The back door was also jammed, so it doesn't open at first or I have to yank it out. I fixed the dent part that makes the door stuck. Now it's working like normal, as you can see in the video.

I'm planning to sell this Asahi Pentax SV bundled with a Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 Mirror Lens. As usual, before I can make my copy of the ad complete with links to video and photo album, I need to finish the Soligor tomorrow.

Asahi Pentax SV (1964), Product Shots and Video

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