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August 4, 2017: Uninspired.

EDSA/Aurora Boulevard

04 August 2017

Anyone who passes here knows this area. It used to be a field of grass and huge frens. There's a sense of fresh air every time you pass and this little patch of greens is a pleasure to look at in the middle of a bustling concret urban city. Well, people take little things like that for granted. It's been a few months since I last saw the grassland here, and now it looks like a pool. It's not like fresh air anymore in the area, and soon after, this would morph into another ugly industrial building.

It was the only shot that I took today. This day was uninspiring...

Nikon D5200
Picture Profile - Standard
White Balance - Cloudy

Tamron Adaptall 2 28/2.5
at f/16

This shot was unedited/raw

# # # E N D # # #


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