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LENS PORN: Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 T-Mount Mirror Lens (KOMINE)

Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 T-Mount Mirror Lens (KOMINE)
Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6
T-Mount Mirror Lens (KOMINE)

The Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 T-Mount Mirror Lens will open up a new world of telephoto love for you. I choose mirror lenses over the long counterparts because images are always free from any color fringing or chromatic aberration, plus they are also very light and tiny to fit my tiny bag! Another advantage to the small size is that it is less prone to wobble than the long counterparts.

Mirror lenses are very popular because of their rounded 'donut bokeh' effect and shimmering backgrounds that will make your landscape and portrait shots look very interesting. They are usually very cheap and when focused precisely -- will show you sharp and crispy photos.

The only limitation with mirror lenses is that their aperture are fixed at one stop (here, at f/5.6 only). But that's what the shutter speed and ISO buttons in your camera are for. Contrast is also soft as you can see in my shots, but they look pleasing somehow. Believe me, it's easier to correct this than correcting color fringing and CA's from the longer lenses.

Soligor's Computer-Designed 'C/D' lenses were made around the early 1980s toward the end of the company's life. These line of lenses were the best of their best. This lens has multicoated glass that shows green reflection, but I've also had another copy with single-coated glass showing purple sheen on the glass. Given the serial number, it was supposedly made by KOMINE.

It uses the universal t-mount, so the lens can be adapted to any DSLR and mirrorless cameras today without problem.

The lens was compact and light. I like that it is light, but the lightness can also be a downside, because I realized if it were a bit heavier, the weight would act as a lens stabilizer. The focus ring was tight to my liking, so I cleaned off the original lube from the focusing helicoid and now it can turn with a pinkie finger.

It comes with a free 30mm rear filter, but I choose not to have it on because of the glass reflections of the cheap filter. I would feel more comfortable screwing in 72mm filters at the front end instead.

CONCLUSION: This lens appears to be a rarity. I've been looking for this lens for a long time, took me a year before finding one. I've had so much fun playing around with it, modding it several times, blackening the glass edges. The contrast is really on the soft side, but it's forgivable and when I had my shots printed (all raw from camera), the results look pleasing -- good sharpness when focused correctly, decent colors, and interesting donut bokeh. 



Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6

Manufactured by 

Years Produced:

C/D = Computer Designed 
Soligor's premium lenses

Anti-reflective Multicoated Glass

(flange distance = 55.00mm)

Minimum Focusing Distance: 
2.5 meters

Focus Throw:
180 degrees

Filter Thread Size: 
72mm (front)
30mm (rear)

Fixed at f/5.6

Made In Japan

Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 T-Mount Mirror Lens (KOMINE)

Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 T-Mount Mirror Lens (KOMINE)



Shot with Nikon D5200
All samples natural and unenhanced!

The bridge was wobbly where I took this shot.

Soligor C/D 300mm f/5.6 T-Mount Mirror Lens (KOMINE)



Soligor C/D 300/5.6 Photo Album


Shootout Day 1

Shootout Day 2


Soligor Serial Number Database

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