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September 2, 2017: Low-Key Dramatic Shots with A Modified Petri 55/1.8 for Nikon

Low-Key Dramatic Shots with A Modified Petri 55/1.8
Low key shots with the Petri 55/1.8 on Nikon D5200

02 September 2017

A few days ago, I did my first ever outdoor selfie with this lens at f/1.8, it was a bit glowing and I thought it won't do justice for this lens and will have to re-do it another day. The outdoor selfie/portrait shots.

Naturally, people like to do portraiture with this lens at f/2 because it's a bit sharper than f/1.8 and does not glow. That's why I have experimented to permanently fix the lens at f/2. (The spring mechanisms inside the lens were already broken when I bought it, so I have to decide which f-stop to fix the lens.)

These select shots were very beautiful, perfect from the camera once I manually got the settings. It's actually a very sharp lens considering it's only single coated from 1965! Highly unusual from the vintage lenses I've used before.

Did you know? This lens was made by TOKINA!

Nikon D5200
Profile - Standard
White Balance - Preset

Petri 55mm f/1.8 CC Auto
at f/2, 1.5 meters and 1 meter respectively.

Umbrella and light (5500k)

Silkygirl Magic BB Powder Foundation - Medium
Silkygirl Go Matte Lipstick - Loud Fuchsia
Ever Bilena Single Blush - Rose
Essence Cosmetics Eyebrow Designer - Blonde
Pixy Eyeliner - Black

Photo Album:

Low-Key Dramatic Shots with A Modified Petri 55/1.8

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