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August 16, 2017: Self Treatment with Vitamin K

Self Treatment with Vitamin K
Self Treatment with Vitamin K

16 August 2017

The Vitamin K tablets arrived today. It wasn't as advertised because it's only Vitamin K1 (phytonadione). Vitamin K is a most underrated vitamin that fights cancer and diseases because of its healing property. I've been having excessive bleeding from inside for the past 2 months prior to today.

Vitamin K was derived from the German word 'Koagulationsvitamin'. Intake of vitamin K is raved to prevent cancers and other diseases. I'm determined not to die of cancer. Thank you, sir!

UPDATE: So I have been religiously taking this and 10 days later showed improvement, and then, no more bleeding by Day 18. (It's a bleeding that comes from inside of me.) So far, the only side effect that occurred to me was a slight dizziness on the first day, which normalized the following day. 
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