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LENS PORN: Sun Optical SUN MULTI ZOOM 60-135mm f/3.5 (YS/T-Mount)

Sun Optical SUN MULTI ZOOM 60-135mm f/3.5 (YS/T-Mount)
Sun Optical SUN MULTI ZOOM 60-135mm f/3.5 (YS/T-Mount)

Here is a very rare SUN MULTI ZOOM 60-135mm f/3.5 made by Sun Optical around the late 1970s. It is a zoom lens with constant maximum aperture of f/3.5 throughout its whole range of 60mm up to 135mm, which makes it a nice portrait lens. There's only a handful of them around and you won't find them anywhere else!

A very stylish build of lens and its multicoated glass particularly produces nice colors. I also need to mention that it is particularly sharp from 60mm to 135mm even wide at f/3.5 -- there is no glow or softness that zoom lenses of its time tend to exhibit at one end or at wide aperture. The sharpness at f/3.5 is good enough to make the skin look flattering and natural, not like a macro lens crazy sharp... portraiture, anyone?

It is a 'parfocal' zoom. Meaning, the focus stays the same when you zoom in/out. That's why it's a pleasure to shoot with videos.

This lens uses Sigma's YS mount (YS = Yamaki System, Yamaki is the founder of Sigma!). YS is basically a T-mount that supports auto diaphragm. T-mount/YS is not to be mistaken for M42, even if they look similar or fit... DO NOT!

The only thing that really lets down here is the minimum focusing distance of 2 meters (no macro mode whatsoever), which is the typical distance you would shoot with portraiture. To give you an idea what you can get, I'm using APS-C camera (D5200) -- at a distance of 2 meters, 60mm gives me a half body shot, 90/100mm gives me a torso or head and shoulder, and 135mm gives me beautiful face/head shots.

I would like to think of this lens as an 85mm f/3.5 prime lens that lets me zoom a bit wider to 60mm or a bit longer to 135mm.

Sun Optical was among the first to make lenses for SLRs, and also the first ones to introduce zoom lenses to the camera market. Many of their zoom lenses were constant maximum aperture, well-built and also very stylish.

They also made lenses for other brands, but most notably, many Soligor lenses were made by Sun. It is unfortunate they disappeared by the early 1980s, when plastic lenses became the new thing, lenses changed to AF, with electronics.



60-135mm f/3.5

Manufactured By
Sun Optical

Years Produced
Around mid-1970s to late 1970s

Focal Range
60mm to 135mm (used on FX)
90-210mm (used on DX)

Minimum Focusing Distance
2 meters / 7 feet

Focus Throw
3/4 circle (270 degrees)

Filter Thread Size

Aperture Run
f/3.5 - f/22 (5 blades)

Built-in retractable hood

Multicoated Glass

Uses Sigma's interchangeable YS mount system

Made in Japan

Sun Optical SUN MULTI ZOOM 60-135mm f/3.5 (YS/T-Mount)

5 blades

Without the T-mount/YS adapter, it looks similar to M42 with its stop down pin.

Fitted with a YS adapter in Nikon mount.

Open and closed blades.

MFD = 2 meters, the typical distance for shooting portaiture.

M/A for manual/auto diaphragm. This is a useless thing for me as I prefer to put it in M mode and this ring also gets in the way, I always mistake it for the aperture ring when trying to change settings while shooting.

Stylish build, very durable, comes in mint condition, and also has built in retractable lens hood.

Overall size is tinier than other zoom lenses of the same focal range.



Shot with Nikon D5200
Profile - Standard
White Balance - Cloudy, Preset

Sun Optical 60-135mm f/3.5
Most at f/3.5, the landscape shots at f/16 or f/22.

All photos/video are unedited!

Sun Optical SUN MULTI ZOOM 60-135mm f/3.5 (YS/T-Mount)

My first ever shots!






Sun Optical SUN MULTI ZOOM 60-135mm f/3.5

Sun Optical Wiki

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