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September 24, 2017: My Cat Was Missing... Anyone Seen Her?!

My Cat Was LOST!!!
Has anyone seen Tiger???

24 September 2017

Up to this point, I was already familiar with Jasper's vocalization. This evening, he was persistently meowing, and I can sense the alarm and trouble in his voice. He went to me and there's a sense of emergency with his scolding calls, as if he was reporting something anomalous. So I followed him downstairs and he was looking at me, then pointing to the door. You get what he's trying to say?

Like a mom, who wouldn't go hysterical in tears if they found out their kids were missing? Apparently, someone put the cat outside the house because of that hypochondriac fear of everything. Such as a playful bite from a helpless little kitten. Accusing that poor thing as having rabies and disease... GAGO!

It's infuriating, because I took her home from Manila Bay 3 weeks ago, with the intention to take care of her. It worries me where she went to, what could have happened to her, if she's very worried and distressed. It's also disappointing because I failed to fulfill the obligation to take care of her.

Went out the neighborhood looking for Tiger -- every nook and cranny and crevices my eyes could see. But nothing. So I just went to my secret garden to sleep there the whole night. I might find peace breathing in the fresh air of the night rather than stay at home with the dead stifled air of negativity.

Look who I found! It's Helios, the cat who wanders around there. I first met him in March 2017. He was still shy and small at that time. This was shot at night, unedited photo, with a Nikon D5200 and Zoom-Nikkor 100-300mm f/5.6 Macro (at f/8).

The lens had severe fungus at that time, but the image quality is SUPER!
Beats any telephoto zoom lens out there, so underrated.
Why no love for that lens???

Helios walk in again on another photoshoot, this was sometime in April. This time with a modded Helios 44-2 58/2. The front element of the lens was inversed to create a crazy swirly effect.

So here he is now in September, he is a big and strong adult by now. I saw him from far away climbing to the top of the tree. Funny, when I approached and called him, he recognized me and ran down to greet me. Then he follows me wherever I go. There, I babysit him while he gives me comfort. Never once left my side for the whole 7 hours. He thinks of me as his friend now.

Shot with Lenovo A7000+

When I went home early in the morning, Tiger was there. Jasper was also very eager to greet her. He looks worried and was smelling her from top to bottom, like saying 'where have you been?'. And here is Tiger 2 days later... greedier than ever!

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