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LENS PORN: Canon FL 135mm f/2.5 (1965) Modified To Nikon F Mount With Infinity

Canon FL 135mm f/2.5
Canon FL 135mm f/2.5

The Canon FL 135mm f/2.5 (1965) is a telephoto prime lens in Canon's old FL mount, which is perfect for shooting portraiture with nice blurry backgrounds. It is of a 'sonnar'* optical formula (6 elements, 4 groups, huge second group), so it can be fast and also render pleasant bokeh. This was one of my recent lens conversion projects and it can now mount on any Nikon film/digital SLRs with the ability to focus to infinity (and beyond).

*A little background...
Tessar - slow but very sharp (eg. 135mm f/4)
Sonnar - faster than tessar, very pleasant bokeh, less elements=better contrast (135mm f/2.8)
Planar - faster than sonnar, but busy bokeh, high element count (eg. 135mm f/2)

Canon FL 135mm f/2.5

Canon FL 135mm f/2.5, Canon FD sonnar optical formula
Image borrowed from Google

The front element has a bluish sheen, while the glass inside looks magenta. However, it could really make use of a long telephoto hood. It is a dream lens at f/2.5 (probably due to faded coating and on the rear element), then it is razor sharp from f/4 to f/16.

This lens makes stunning bokeh, but I would recommend saving f/2.5 for really dark scenes, and due to the razor thin depth of field at 135mm, you would stop down to f/4 anyway.

The advantage of having at least 8 aperture blades is that the bokeh balls always look rounded when you shoot stopped down. That is the advantage of older lenses, and why many photographers still look for these old preset-aperture type lenses.

Shooting with the Canon FL 135mm f/2.5 was sheer pleasure. But the most exciting part for me was figuring how to mod this lens into a Nikon F mount and allow focusing to infinity. It's a rare and budget lens, so you might want to grab this as a cheap competitive alternative to more expensive lenses.



Canon FL 135mm f/2.5
(Converted to Nikon F Mount)

Years Produced:

Focal Length:
FX = 135mm
DX = 210mm

Minimum Focusing Distance:
1.5 meters
1.3 meters (after modification)

Filter Thread Diameter (Ø):

Aperture Run:
f/2.5 - f/16
full-stop cicks
8 blades

Optical Formula:
Sonnar (6 elements, 4 groups)
Single coated glass (blue-purple)

Made in Japan



Canon FL 135mm f/2.5

Nikon D5200
Picture Profile - Neutral (mostly)

My shots are unedited.
Mostly uncropped except for one selfie!

My selfies and cat photos shot with
Viltrox JY610YNii

Flower Bokeh

Canon FL 135mm f/2.5

Shot in the dark. The only light comes from outside the window.


Portrait Shots

This was at f/4




Photo Album

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