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WISHLIST: Sainsonic KamLan 55mm f/1.2

Sainsonic KamLan 55mm f/1.2
Sainsonic KamLan 55mm f/1.2

03 Nevember 2017

Looks like in recent years, more and more Chinese companies are pumping out new brand lenses every year. We have Yongnuo, Mitakon, Kelda, Meike, many others you probably haven't heard of yet.

And now, here is a company called 'KamLan', who have produced the KamLan 55mm f/1.2 in Nikon F, Canon EF, and Sony E mounts. From the first impressions, it looks like it's a high quality lens that will be loved by manual focus lens lovers like me.

I think it is only natural that any lens with wide aperture such as f/1.4 or wider would show lots of chromatic aberration, color fringing, and softness when shot in bright scenes (obviously!). That's why I would save these stops for very dim lighting. For outdoor daytime shots, I would prefer f/2.8 anyway. If I want landscape or overall sharpness, it's f/8.

For the focal length of 55mm, I often find that f/2.8 is the widest I want to be, f/2 is also fine for more blurry backgrounds. I think f/1.2 is overkill for my need or what I use.

Looking around at its official website, prices of this lens currently fetch around USD 549.00. What are your thoughts, do you think it is worth it?


KamLan 55mm f/1.2

Nikon F
Canon EF
Sony E

Minimum Focusing Distance
0.6 meters

Filter Thread Diameter

Aperture Run
f/1.2 - f/16

# of Aperture Blades

Optical Desgn
8 elements, 6 groups
Nano Multi Coating (magenta sheen)

Made in China

Sainsonic KamLan 55mm f/1.2

Sainsonic KamLan 55mm f/1.2


# # # E N D # # #


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